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- January (Producer)



I've taught 100's of students and helped countless producers level up their game. There's never been a better time to invest in yourself.

There's so much information you don't need. There's so many gems that I can teach you that will be 'lightbulb moments' just like they were for me.

Once enrolled, you'll get Q&A access to me via The Producer Blueprint forum for any questions you may have.


Whether you're a professional, or you're grinding away to one day work as a full-time producer, or you just want to make music for fun - we all know how hard it is to find the right information in order to save time and fast-track your goals.

Not only is this a game of skill, but it's about mindset. THE PRODUCER BLUEPRINT focuses on both in detail from A-Z.


  1. Ableton layout & menus
  2. Preferences & setting up projects
  3. Loading plugins
  4. Inputs, outputs & recording audio
  5. Using audio samples
  6. Warp & time stretching
  7. Using MIDI
  8. Shortcuts & key commands
  9. 9 Saving & collect saving
  1. ADSR synthesis
  2. My favourite synths & why
  3. Wavetable Synthesis explained - Pads
  4. Wavetable Synthesis explained - Plucks
  5. Wavetable Synthesis explained - Sub Bass
  6. Serum - Deep Dive
  7. Serum - Sound Design
  8. Producer Hack - Freezing & Slicing
  9. Producer Hack - Slicing & Resampling
  10. Sidechain Secrets, LFO Tool & Autopan
  1. Simpler & My Favourite Drum Plugins
  2. Audio vs Midi
  3. Using Tops & Loops
  4. The Stereo Field & Panning
  5. Sidechain Compression
  6. Drum Mixing
  7. Producer Hack - Resampling
  8. Producer Hack - Beat Breakdown
  9. Creating Huge Fills
  10. Producer Hack - DIY Percs
  1. My favourite FX plugins
  2. Song structure & locators
  3. Creating unique transitions
  4. Ear Candy & unique ad libs
  5. Building & maintaining energy
  6. Using soundscapes & FX
  7. Recording acoustic guitars
  1. My recording setup & essential studio gear
  2. Room treatment & recording crisp vocals
  3. My vocal chain
  4. Using autotune & melodyne
  5. Reverb Masterclass Part 1
  6. Reverb Masterclass Part 2
  7. Audio comping & songwriting tips
  8. Vocal doubles & harmonies -  placement & mixing
  9. Creating & processing huge gang vocals
  10. Vocal Adlibs & My FX chain
  1. The truth about mixing mastering
  2. Monitoring and room acoustics
  3. EQ 101 - Super clean mixes
  4. Dynamic EQ
  5. EQ Hacks - automation
  6. Advanced frequency carving
  7. How to use compression
  8. Sidechain compression deep dive
  9. The truth about mastering & my mastering chain
  10. Exporting stems
  1. Introduction to elite marketing
  2. How to grow a following
  3. How I make my videos
  4. Making real money as a creative
  5. Building real customers
  6. Bonus wisdom & final thoughts
  • Get access to my vault of beat breakdowns where I dive into the Ableton projects of my TikToks & IG Reels.
  • I go in-depth on how I made the sounds, produced the beats and talk about my thought process moving through each project.
  • I add to this with new breakdowns regularly as I make and post new reels.



Rob Late is a multi-genre music producer & songwriter from London, UK. He has worked with some of the biggest artists, producers and songwriters in the world from The Chainsmokers and Ian Kirkpatrick to Poo Bear, Emily Warren, Sasha Sirota and more.

Fascinated by heavy & hook-ridden electronic music, he has amassed a loyal following on TikTok and Instagram of over 170k by dissecting his production techniques and revealing his unique approach to melodic synthesis.​

Whilst writing and producing for artists all over the world, Rob has now established a unique brand creating premium sound packs and courses to help inspire artists, producers, musicians & songwriters to make their next hit.


- Ben Jansco (Producer)


Youtube can be great for helping you learn specific "how to" tricks. 

But it's only when you start to understand on the "WHY" behind a great production that things start to change. The Producer Blueprint teaches you how to think like a top producer, get a clean sound, and finish music at a rate that puts you in the top bracket of producers worldwide.

(And you'll save hundreds of hours wasting time watching videos that get you nowhere)

If you're just getting started in music production, you'll be learning the right habits and the right techniques from the get-go. You'll save yourself years of frustration and time-wasting mistakes.

If you're already a pro, you will walk away with a valuable shifts in both perspective and workflow. Remove the burnout and improve your consistency.

I use Ableton Live. BUT the principles cover any and all DAWs whether it be Logic Pro, FL Studio or Cubase!

Whilst there is some Ableton specific stuff in the first module, you can follow along in any DAW you choose. The lessons apply across the board and apply to any DAW.

In terms of plugin, I show my specific workflow and approach. This includes the plugins I use in a production. I use plenty of stock plugins also, and in nearly every situation recommend stock alternatives to the EQs and compressors you see me use in the classes.

Absolutely not! Plenty of the Billboard Hot 100 beatmakers and producers actually don't play an instrument.

Its all about how creative you can be. 

I'll show you plenty of techniques for creating sounds that require no live instruments.