Complete 1-Shot Bundle

Rob Late Audio

Complete 1-Shot Bundle

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Rob's entire 1-shot library

1-shots are fast becoming the number one method of sound design for the worlds top producers. 

Why? Because they're perfect for destroying beat-block, increasing work speed, they use minimal CPU power, they don't break the bank and they work in any DAW.

The 1-SHOTS BUNDLE is a gigantic collection of the most polished and usable 1-shots in the music industry and contains ALL of our premium 1-shot packs in one single product. 

From industry leading organic instruments and thick basses cooked to perfection, to the tightest drums, the highest quality foley, risers and effects, the most sought-after processed vocal ad-libs and much more.

Simply drag any 1-shot from the 1-SHOTS BUNDLE into a sampler or project timeline and you're ready to create.

This pack includes:

1000+ premium 1-shots (all 1-Shot packs from our store including: OPAL, ANALOGUE, PURE KEYS, MONSTER, VORTEX, ICONIC, VOLT, ORGANICS, FRACTALS, CRUSH, THUNDER, GLIDE and VURB).

All files are in .WAV formats and work with any DAW.