CURRICULUM: MODULE 1: ABLETON 101 Ableton layout & menus Preferences & setting up projects Loading plugins Inputs, outputs & recording audio Using audio samples Warp & time stretching Using MIDI Shortcuts & key commands 9 Saving & collect saving MODULE 2: SOUND DESIGN ADSR synthesis My favourite synths & why Wavetable Synthesis explained - Pads Wavetable Synthesis explained - Plucks Wavetable Synthesis explained - Sub Bass Serum - Deep Dive Serum - Sound Design Producer Hack - Freezing & Slicing Producer Hack - Slicing & Resampling Sidechain Secrets, LFO Tool & Autopan MODULE 3: BEATMAKING Simpler & My Favourite Drum Plugins Audio vs Midi Using Tops & Loops The Stereo Field & Panning Sidechain Compression Drum Mixing Producer Hack - Resampling Producer Hack - Beat Breakdown Creating Huge Fills Producer Hack - DIY Percs MODULE 4: ARRANGEMENT & ENERGY DYNAMICS My favourite FX plugins Song structure & locators Creating unique transitions Ear Candy & unique ad libs Building & maintaining energy Using soundscapes & FX Recording acoustic guitars MODULE 5: VOCAL PRODUCTION My recording setup & essential studio gear Room treatment & recording crisp vocals My vocal chain Using autotune & melodyne Reverb Masterclass Part 1 Reverb Masterclass Part 2 Audio comping & songwriting tips Vocal doubles & harmonies - placement & mixing Creating & processing huge gang vocals Vocal Adlibs & My FX chain MODULE 6: MIXING & MASTERING The truth about mixing mastering Monitoring and room acoustics EQ 101 - Super clean mixes Dynamic EQ EQ Hacks - automation Advanced frequency carving How to use compression Sidechain compression deep dive The truth about mastering & my mastering chain Exporting stems MODULE 7: ROB'S TIK TOK BREAKDOWN VAULT Get access to my vault of beat breakdowns where I dive into the Ableton projects of my TikToks & IG Reels. I go in-depth on how I made the sounds, produced the beats and talk about my thought process moving through each project. MODULE 8: SOCIAL MEDIA & MARKETING Introduction to elite marketing How to grow a following How I make my videos Making real money as a creative Building real customers Bonus wisdom & final thoughts