5 Reasons Why The Producer Blueprint 2.0 is the Ultimate Music Production Masterclass

Here are the five big reasons why producers are flocking to The Producer Blueprint 2.0 to make better music, hook listeners, and stream like crazy.

1. Taught by Rob Late (The Chainsmokers, Marshmello Gary Barlow)

Get access to professional workflows of an in-demand producer ACTIVELY working with top acts.

Rob demystifies the process and pulls back the curtain on what's possible from a home studio.

2. Complete production course

Learn efficient workflows for recording, beat making, vocal production, sound design, arrangement, mixing & mastering - all taught though the lens of working from a home studio.




3. Shortcut the learning curve

Getting stuck in the 'Youtube tutorial black hole' is costing you time and opportunities.

The Producer Blueprint 2.0 gives producers DIRECTION and is the fastest way to get your skills to a competitive industry level.

4. Q&A Access to Rob - priceless

Producers get access to Rob to ask their production questions as they arise via Rob's exclusive community which all students get access to.


5. Join An Elite Producer Community

Get 3 months FREE membership to Rob's production community Sound Squad.

Join music feedback streams, get free sample pack drops, and stay accountable on your journey.

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